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Natural K-10 Flea Allergy Package
  • Natural K-10 Flea Allergy Package
Natural K-10 Flea Allergy Package - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

The ultimate package for handling fleas and any related allergic reactions to fleas and flea bites at a great price with savings of over $40!   The Natural K-10 Flea Allergy Package includes:     

Natural K-10 Flea Rescue (2 oz. bottle):  Flea Rescue's homeopathic ingredients are an oral defense designed to work from inside your dog's body and will stimulate drainage of toxins introduced by fleas and the environment and work as a natural flea "repellant".  In addition it will help mitigate hypersensitivity reactions and allergies (redness, rashes, bumps, itching, sores and swellings) to flea bites while slowly building tolerance to the flea bite itself.  

Natural K-10 Hot Spot Rescue (2 oz. bottle):  Hot Spot Rescue gives extra relief to persistent hot spots and other lesions, abscesses, and extra trouble spots.  

Natural K-10 Stress Buster (2 oz. bottle):  Stress Buster helps the emotional response of the increased anxiety, stress and fear that comes with flea bites and irritations.

Natural K-10 Allergy Rescue (2 oz. bottle):  Allergy Rescue will help stimulate toxin excretion as well as act as a natural antihistamine and natural anti-inflammatory remedy.  Allergy Rescue supplies low levels of nutrition and targets relief of all allergies.  Since allergies weaken and compromise body system, this remedy is often used to assist with accuse and/or chronic allergic symptoms, restoring function of specific body systems.