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Natural K-10 Flea Eradication Package
  • Natural K-10 Flea Eradication Package
Natural K-10 Flea Eradication Package - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

This unique package is designed to safely eradicate fleas on your pet and around your home.  The package includes:

Sentry Natural Defense Spray:   Essential Oils for natural Flea and Tick Repellant for the outside of your dog's body.  These essential oils are derived from organic sources and have been developed to be a highly effective defense against harmful insects.  These natural botanical extracts can control and repel fleas and ticks without harmful chemicals and are safe to use around your children and all pets.

Diatomaceous Earth for your dog's environment (yard, house, bedding, etc.):  This is a fine powder that are the fossilized remains (skeletons) of diatoms, which are a type of microscopic algae that is harvested from lake and ocean beds. 

Nicknamed "grass of the sea", this substance has been shown to be deadly to fleas, as it dehydrates the insect and cuts it in too tiny little pieces.  The food-grade diatomaceous earth has not been shown to cause any side effects and is safe for you to use around your home, yard, children in pets.  

We recommend using a dust mask to sprinkle around you pets yard, bedding, carpet and other areas where fleas may be infested, as it is very fine dust.

Natural K-10 Flea Rescue (2 oz. bottle):  Flea Rescue's homeopathic ingredients is an oral defense designed to work from inside your dog's body and will stimulate drainage of toxins introduced by fleas and the environment and work as a natural flea "repellant".

In addition, it will help mitigate hypersensitivity reactions and allergies (redness, rashes, bumps, itching, sores and swellings) to flea bites while slowly building tolerance to the flea bite itself.