Natural and holistic supplements and remedies for your healthly pet!

 Active Pet Health was founded by Dr. Gail Marasse in 2015.  

From a young age, growing up on a small farm in California, Dr. Gail started practicing with homemade remedies to heal all her animals.  She knew there was powerful healing contained from plants grown out of the earth:  the herbs and foods that could support accelerated healing.

Later in life, after 13 years of schooling and degrees in Dietetics, Holistic Nutrition, Chiropractic, Endocrinology, Functional Blood Chemistry and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, her focus remains on natural medicine with pets.  

Dr. Gail has found that educating her animal clients on how to use vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic, flower essences, essential oils, acupuncture, ozone therapy, cold laser and more is of the ultimate importance in the healing process of animals. 

Many pet owners are seeking a holistic approach and are trying to use drugs and surgery as a last resort.

Dr. Gail has dedicated her life to continually learning how to help heal the animals with non-drugging compounds and actively blogs and writes in this capacity.  She donates time and treatment to several rescues in her local area of Ventura County, including:  AFLAR (All For Love Animal Rescue),  C.A.R.L (Canine Adoption and Rescue League), Rosies Dog Rescue and SPARC (Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center).  She is also a member of the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association).

She has recently written several E-Books available soon: The Natural K-10,  Drugs Don't "Cure" Allergies, and How Do Fleas Hurt My Dog?

Dr. Gail has also developed a line of holistic remedies: Allergy Rescue, Flea Rescue, Stress Buster, Hot Spot Rescue and a natural superfood for pets called Protein N' Greens.